Money Marketing Daniel Godfrey comment

5th February 2014
Commenting on Daniel Godfrey’s viewpoint on the ‘corrosive issue of hidden costs’, Gina Miller, Founder of the True & Fair Campaign stated:

“While we’re delighted Daniel Godfrey and many IMA members had a good Christmas, millions of investors did not, as they worried about poor investment performance and the impact of costs and fees eroding the value of their investments.

Posted By: True and Fair, 6:59 pm

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“While the IMA is right that the issue of costs and fees is corrosive there is a simple solution – reveal in full all the costs for investment products – it’s not difficult and the IMA has been promising to provide a solution to this most basic consumer right for three years and has so far delivered nothing but festive froth.

“To re-quote Daniel Godfrey – ‘The most meaningful actions we can undertake as an industry are those that make the greatest positive difference to our clients’ – we couldn’t agree more. Reveal the full cost of all fund management costs and fees, in full, in one number. If we fail to do so then his next Christmas message will be another turkey.”