Time For Transparency

Welcome to the first blog of the True and Fair Campaign!  This is a truly exciting day, with the launch this morning and people starting to read about the campaign – hopefully this is the start of real changes happening across the industry!  This blog will be the place where you can see the latest updates on the campaign; what’s happening in the media, new champions joining our cause, and any interesting sound-bites of information that we think everyone should hear about.

So, why are we at SCM Private, so keen to promote transparency and clarity in the investment industry?  We truly believe that we now live in a world where companies and the people that run them must look at their ethics and make sure that they are still responsible to their clients.  This is especially true of the investment and savings industry – it cannot afford to be any different if it hopes to retain trust from its clients and ultimately survive the next decade.  It must make sure that everything it does is ‘transparent’ and for the greater good of its consumers.

Much as transparency has now become a buzzword across the media – we need practical and responsible solutions not just rhetoric – and this is what we are calling for.  The investment industry needs to examine exactly what it does; what it can do better; how it can communicate more clearly with clients; and most importantly, if it is helping people make better and more informed decisions about their investments and savings.

Ultimately, the True and Fair Campaign is hoping to raise awareness levels, initiate a debate, and find a serious and sustainable solution that will benefit the entire investment industry and ensure that it remains relevant to its clients’ needs and expectations.  A True and Fair Code that will enable savers and investors to compare one investment product with another on like-for-like terms.  This industry must evolve in order to survive.

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