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The investment industry has been using smoke and mirrors to mislead consumers for far too long. Fees are hidden when investing your hard earned money in ISAS, pensions and other investments. This is a tragedy when 49% of the UK workforce is not saving enough for retirement.

It is a ticking time bomb. The time for action is now!

The British public faces a minefield of hidden charges with their investments and savings. Millions of ordinary savers and pensioners are being left seriously out of pocket through bad investment products, services and industry practices – the very people who most deserve to be told the truth about charges, and need greatest encouragement to build up adequate savings pots are being deceived.

We are campaigning and imploring the investment industry to think about the ordinary saver and significantly increase transparency. Watch our 2015 Campaign Update, 2014 Two Year Anniversary & Legalised Looting Report, 2013 First Anniversary Update and 2012 Campaign Launch Video or go to the Facts & Figures page to find out details of the campaign and more shocking statistics.

The industry will never change on its own. Make your voice count, join our campaign for the code below. Sign up now!

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We call on the Government, Parliament and regulators to require that the UK investment management industry provide every prospective customer with:

  • A guarantee of 100% transparency in respect of where their money is invested
  • A guarantee of 100% transparency as to the full underlying costs of investments
  • A code and labelling scheme, which ensures consumers are provided with product information in a consistent, unified and understandable format

To register your support, comment or ask any questions please email us at enquiries@trueandfaircampaign.com or call Gina Miller on 020 7838 8650.